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I have now have had Žeňa as my personal trainer for the last three months, and I cannot say anything else than that I am very satisfied. After these three months I have got to know Žeňa for a bit and I have to say that she is really professional and skilled in her profession. She knows what she is doing and what she talks about. And you can also notice that she really likes what she is doing, and with all these things above combined makes you feel that you are in really good hands.
During these three months we have been training around 2-3 times per week and Zena is always really well prepared for the trainings and has planned the hour you train with her well, she knows a lot of different exercise and it is not often I have made the same exercise twice. The trainings I have had has been tough and demanding as it should be but also really fun and it is always nice to have a good laugh between the exercises. Žeňa is really good in her way to motivate and push you to always give your maximum and best in every exercise, and to push and find ways for you to reach your goals with the training.
So if you are searching for a personal trainer I can highly recommend Žeňa! I think you will be really satisfied and you will reach your goals.
Best Regards

 Fredrik Björklöf

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